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Leadership Positions and Descriptions

Pack 136 



In order to hold any of these leadership positions within the Cub Scout program, the leader must be an adult, at least 21 years of age, and must be approved by the chartering organization. Each leader must be capable of and willing to uphold the Scout law and promise to model the type of behavior that is expected of the boys. An adult leader must possess the moral, emotional and educational qualities that the BSA deems necessary to provide positive leadership to the boys. Once a leader has been approved by the chartering organization, they must complete mandatory training, including Youth Protection training and position specific training, depending upon their role in the Pack.


Committee Chair

Serves as the coordinator of the Pack.  Leads Pack Planning Meetings, works with the Northern Star Council, maintains the relationship with the Chartered Organization and coordinates with the school district.  Plans for Pack Charter and re-registration.  Approves bills for payment.  Attends Pack Planning Meeting once a month, and is encouraged to attend Roundtable.  Committee Member*  Approx. 10-12 hours a month.



Serves as the Master of Ceremonies for the Pack Meetigns and acts as a mentor to the boys.  Works with Committee and Leaders to plan the program for the Pack.   Attends Pack Planning Meeting once a month, and is encouraged to attend Roundtable.  Approx. 10-12 hours a month.


* Committee Member

Committee Members are responsible for attending the Pack Planning meeting once a month, becoming registered leaders of Pack, have voting power on what Pack will plan in future, and may take on other responsibilities as needed to help Pack GO. Need three individuals, minimum (ideally five or more). Approx. 2-3 hrs a month.


Treasurer *

Helps establish a budget plan and keeps an accurate accounting of checkbook.  Collects fees, writes checks, and makes deposits at the bank.  Approves all expenditures.  Must attend Pack Planning Meetings for monthly updates.  Committee Member*  Approximately 5 hours a month.


Secretary *

Keep notes on meetings and handle correspondence for the Pack.  Stay informed of all scouting information to help leaders function effectively.  Maintain information on membership.  Must attend Pack Planning Meetings.  Committee Member*  Approximately 3-5 hours a month.


Advancements Chair *

Responsible for obtaining all awards that the boys earn and keeping accurate records of boys’ advancements.  Should attend Pack Planning Meetings for monthly updates and new lists of items needed for Pack Meeting.  Committee Member*  Approximately 5 hours a month.


Camp/Outings Coordinator

Gathers information on possible camping opportunities and other available outings and hands out sign-up sheets.  Handles registration for the events and coordinates payment with the Treasurer.  Arrange for permits, when required.  Approximately 3-5 hours a month.


Newsletter Editor

Put together Pack Newsletter for each Pack Meeting, September to May. Computer necessary. Reimbursement for copying expenses. Gathering of Den News from Den Leaders and other News from committee meetings.  Approximately 3 hours a month.


Cooler Keeper/Refreshments Chair

Keep drink cooler, brings and makes drink and coordinates refreshments at Pack Meeting and other Pack events.  Inventories supplies. 1 hr a month. 


Pack Trainer *

Is responsible for making sure that each adult leader has the property and necessary training for their position within the Pack and for providing opportunities for them to get this training when needed.  Keeps records of training for adult leaders.   Committee Member*. 1 hr a month


PR Coordinator

Stimulates pack service projects and promotes family participation.  Circulates fliers to promote new membership.  Gather photos of our events, write captions, and send them to local papers, update the Pack 136 bulletin boards at school every few months.   1-2 hours a month.


FOS (Friends of Scouting) Fundraising Drive

Serve as contact person for District, coordinate presentation, and follow-up with pledges.  One time/year--approximately 5-10 hours total.


Quartermaster/Inventory Coordinator

Stores and inventories equipment for the Pack.  Minimal involvement, transfer of equipment as needed for events.


Fundraiser Coordinator

Research and coordinate fundraisers to help sustain Pack’s ability to pay for awards, supplies, and possible events and activities.  Encouraged to attend Pack Planning Meetings and occasional training meetings, especially during months before the fundraisers.  Minimum One/year—(more if decided by Committee) Approximately 50 hours total.


Pinewood Derby Chair

Schedule and coordinate Pinewood Derby races and weigh-in. Encouraged to attend Pack Planning Meetings, especially during months before the derby.  One time/year—approximately 15-20 hours total.


Blue & Gold Chair

Organize a committee to schedule and coordinate Blue & Gold banquet.  Book entertainment, coordinate food, order awards, coordinate guests and provide a general outline of banquet schedule.  Attend Pack Planning Meetings  One time/year--approximately 15-20 hours total.


Raingutter Regatta and/or Space Derby Chair

Schedule and coordinate Raingutter regatta races and/or Space Derbies.  Encouraged to attend Pack Planning Meetings, especially during months before the events.                       Minimum One time/year—approximately 5-6 hours total.


Website Editor

Monitor and update website, entering in new events, making corrections, and coordinating e-mail requests and questions.  Approximately 1 hour a month.


Den Leaders:

With the use of BSA Program Helps, provide leadership and program in Den Meetings.  Lead Den participation in Pack Meetings and work with parents to coordinate learning and events for the boys.  Attend Pack Planning Meetings once a month.  Approximately 6 hours a month.

  • Required Training:  All leaders are required to have the following training, which can either be done online or in a classroom setting:
  • Online Training Website (click Online Training link)
  1. YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING (to be completed before registration):  Required for all BSA registered volunteers, regardless of their posisition.  The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time of application and before volunteer service with youth begins.  (Approx. 30 minutes) YPT must be renewed every two years or the volunteer cannot be re-registered.
  2. Fast Start Training (to be completed w/in two weeks):  Online overview training.  Position-specific programs give leaders information on planning and conducting their first meeting and demonstrates one they can use.  (Approx. 20 minutes)
  3. This Is Scouting (to be completed w/in one month):  An introductory session that highlights the values, aims, history, funding, and method of Scouting.  It addresses how these aims and methods are reached in age-appropriate style within Cub Scouting.  (Approx. 60 minutes).
  4. Leader Specific Training (to be completed w/in sixty days)*Classroom Only:  This training provides the specialized knowledge a new leader needs to be successful in a leadership role.  (3 Hour Training)